Helping young children and their mothers

The aim of the nursery is to set up a day care center, or care facility dedicated to early childhood (3-5 years old) that could:

  • objective 1: welcome at least 50 children aged from 1 to 5, by offering them medical follow-up, educational awakening, and psychomotor development
  • objective 2: provide mothers with educational training: nutritional needs, initiation to childcare, hygiene, etc.
  • objective 3: while promoting their participation and their socio-professional integration through the creation of a permaculture garden

Our vision: a structure adapted to the needs of young children, allowing for a personalized medical and educational follow-up. This should be done while keeping in mind Montessori and Sophie Rabhi’s theories about pedagody. According to this last one, « manual activities (animal farms, gardening, …) are as important as ‘intellectual learning’. »