Travel of the President to Halligudi in August 2016

Some news for our nursery project

Like every year, the president went to India in order to follow-up with projects achieved in 2016, to work with the local staff and to renew the partnership with the Indian Committee.

During her stay, she introduced Jérôme Poggi and Eve Lemesle to Halligudi village and to the nursery project, on which we currently focus.

In 2004, Jérôme Poggi creates SOCIETIES in order to implement, among other, the Action Nouveaux Commanditaires in Paris and its suburbs, supported by the Fondation de France. The project aims at bringing together the capacities of civil society members who wish to interact on the artistic scene and, together, create a piece of art. Along with several partners, SOCIETIES experiments new forms of dialogue between arts and society, overcoming institutions and financial markets’ conventional frameworks.

Our nursery project has been selected to benefit from this initiative.

Jérôme Poggi et Juliette-Sushila Ghatradyal